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Discover the Real Story Behind Casper’s Select Mattress

Unveiling the Truth Behind Casper’s Select Mattress – A Comprehensive Review


Ever since Casper introduced its unique mattress in a box concept in 2014, the brand has been synonymous with quality and comfort. The brand has expanded its product line since then, including the introduction of the highly anticipated Casper Select Mattress. The Casper Select Mattress is advertised as a hybrid mattress that combines the best of both worlds – memory foam and springs for a comfortable sleep experience.

This article aims to provide you with a comprehensive review of the Casper Select Mattress so that you can make an informed decision about whether it’s the right mattress for you. We’ll delve into the key features, pricing, specifications, and what customers have to say about the Casper Select Mattress.

Key Features of the Casper Select Mattress

The Casper Select Mattress is designed to offer optimal comfort and support, thanks to its hybrid construction consisting of four different layers. Here are the top features to look out for:

  • Hybrid construction: The Casper Select Mattress combines the comfort of memory foam with the sturdiness of coils to offer a sleep experience that is both soft and supportive.
  • Four-layer design: The mattress is divided into four layers – a breathable open-cell foam layer, a contouring memory foam layer, a support layer consisting of over 1000 coils and a dense base layer that provides overall stability.
  • Medium firmness: The Casper Select Mattress is rated 6.5 on the firmness scale, making it a great option for those who prefer a medium-firm mattress.
  • Cooling technology: The breathable open-cell foam layer helps regulate body temperature, preventing you from overheating while sleeping.
  • Easy setup: Like all other Casper mattresses, the Casper Select Mattress is designed to be conveniently delivered to your doorstep in a compact box. Simply unbox and unroll the mattress, and watch it expand to its full size in minutes.

Pricing and Specifications

At the moment, the Casper Select Mattress is only available in one size: Queen. Here are the current pricing details as per the Casper website:

  • Queen size: $1395

Here’s a list of the main specifications for the Casper Select Mattress:

  • Size: Queen (60 inches by 80 inches)
  • Thickness: 11 inches
  • Firmness: 6.5 out of 10
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Weight: 96 pounds

Casper Select Mattress Reviews: What Customers Have to Say

The key to choosing the right mattress is to check what other customers have to say about it. Here are some of the most common positives and negatives that past customers have mentioned in their Casper Select Mattress reviews:


  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Easy to set up
  • Minimal motion transfer
  • Great for side and back sleepers


  • Expensive compared to other brands
  • Not great for stomach sleepers
  • May sag or lose shape over time
  • Some customers reported that the mattress is too firm


The Casper Select Mattress is a great option for those who are looking for a hybrid mattress ( Why Hybrid Mattresses are Taking the Sleep Industry by Storm ) that offers a combination of memory foam and coils. While it may be on the expensive side, its unique construction and medium firmness make it a great choice for side and back sleepers. However, if you’re someone who prefers sleeping on your stomach, this may not be the ideal mattress for you. We hope our Casper Select Mattress reviews have provided you with enough information to make an informed decision on whether this is the right mattress for you.

Discover the Real Story Behind Casper’s Select Mattress FAQ

What is Casper’s Select Mattress?

Casper’s Select Mattress is a memory foam mattress ( This Memory Foam Mattress is Revolutionizing the Way We Sleep! ) that is designed to provide a comfortable and supportive sleeping experience. The mattress is made with high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity, and it is available in a wide range of sizes to suit different sleeping preferences.

What are the key features of Casper’s Select Mattress?

The key features of Casper’s Select Mattress include a top layer of breathable foam that helps to regulate body temperature, a layer of high-density memory foam for pressure relief ( Mattress Technology with Pressure Relief Features ) and support, and a base layer of supportive foam that provides stability and durability. The mattress is also designed with an open-cell structure to promote airflow and prevent heat buildup, and it comes with a soft, breathable cover that is easy to clean.

What makes Casper’s Select Mattress different from other memory foam mattresses on the market?

Casper’s Select Mattress stands out from other memory foam mattresses on the market because of its unique design and construction. Unlike many other memory foam mattresses, which tend to trap body heat and create a “sinking” feeling, Casper’s Select Mattress is designed to provide a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface that adapts to your body’s shape and movements. The mattress also features a unique combination of foam layers that work together to provide targeted support and pressure relief, so you can enjoy a more restful and rejuvenating sleep.

What types of sleepers are best suited for Casper’s Select Mattress?

Casper’s Select Mattress is ideal for a wide range of sleepers, including those who prefer to sleep on their side, back, or stomach. The mattress is designed to provide targeted support and pressure relief for different parts of the body, so you can enjoy a comfortable and restful sleep, regardless of your preferred sleeping position. Whether you toss and turn throughout the night or prefer to sleep in a more still position, Casper’s Select Mattress can provide the support and comfort you need to wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

What are some of the benefits of sleeping on Casper’s Select Mattress?

Some of the benefits of sleeping on Casper’s Select Mattress include improved sleep quality, reduced pain and discomfort, and increased energy and focus throughout the day. By providing targeted support and pressure relief to different parts of the body, the mattress can help to alleviate common sleep-related issues, such as tossing and turning, back pain, and joint stiffness. The mattress is also designed to promote airflow and prevent heat buildup, so you can enjoy a cooler and more comfortable sleep, regardless of the weather outside.

How long does it take to adjust to sleeping on Casper’s Select Mattress?

The time it takes to adjust to sleeping on Casper’s Select Mattress can vary depending on your body’s unique sleeping habits and preferences. Some people may find that they feel comfortable and well-rested after just a few nights of sleeping on the mattress, while others may take a week or more to fully adjust to the new sleeping surface. To help speed up the adjustment process, it is recommended that you give yourself time to get used to sleeping on the new mattress, and that you avoid using other sleeping aids, such as medications or sleep aids, during the adjustment period.

What is the warranty on Casper’s Select Mattress?

Casper’s Select Mattress comes with a 10-year limited warranty, which covers defects in materials or workmanship during normal use. If you experience any issues with your mattress during the warranty period, you can contact the manufacturer to request a repair ( Stop feeling like you’re sleeping in a hole with these mattress repair tips! ) or replacement. To learn more about the warranty or to file a claim, visit the Casper website or contact customer support.

How do I care for Casper’s Select Mattress?

Caring for Casper’s Select Mattress is easy and straightforward. To keep your mattress clean and fresh, it is recommended that you rotate it every three to six months to prevent sagging and prolong its lifespan. You can also spot clean the mattress with a mild detergent and cool water as needed to remove stains or spills. If you need to move the mattress, be sure to do so carefully to avoid damage, and avoid bending or folding the mattress, as this can damage the foam layers.

Related Products to Enhance Your Casper Select Mattress Experience

  • Casper Pillow
    The Casper Pillow provides ultimate comfort and support to complement your Casper Select Mattress. This pillow is designed with a unique pillow-in-pillow construction that provides support to your neck and head. It has organic cotton percale cover and microfiber fill to offer you a breathable, soft and comfortable sleep.
  • Casper Weighted Blanket
    The Casper Weighted Blanket helps in reducing stress and anxiety, and enhances the relaxation experience of your Casper Select Mattress. The blanket is designed with cozy, breathable, and soft cotton cover, and is filled with non-toxic glass beads that are evenly distributed to provide a sense of comfort and relaxation.
  • Casper Glow Light
    The Casper Glow Light is an excellent addition to your Casper Select Mattress. You can use this smart light to enhance your sleep environment. It provides a calming and warm light that helps you get into the sleep mode. The Glow Light also has a night mode that fades over time, so you can drift off to sleep without any disturbance.
  • Casper Sheet Set
    The Casper Sheet Set is specifically designed to go with your Casper Select Mattress. Made with 100% cotton, these sheets have a cool and crisp feel that is perfect for a comfortable sleep. They are available in different colors to match your bedroom decor, and have deep pockets to fit your mattress perfectly.
  • Casper Mattress Protector
    The Casper Mattress Protector is specially designed to protect your Casper Select Mattress from spills, stains, and dust mites. This waterproof and breathable protector is made with a soft knit top that is quilted with hypoallergenic ( The Secret to a Great Night’s Sleep? Antimicrobial and Hypoallergenic Mattresses! ) material to add extra comfort and protection. It also has a skid-resistant base that keeps the protector securely in place.
  • Casper Lumbar Pillow
    The Casper Lumbar Pillow is perfect for people who suffer from lower back pain. This pillow is designed to provide extra support to the lower back and align your spine during sleep. It is made with a foam core that is designed to provide comfortable support and has a removable cover that is machine washable.
  • Pros and Cons of Casper’s Select Mattress

    • Pros:
      • Pressure relief: The Casper Select Mattress is designed with four layers of high-density foam that provide exceptional pressure relief, reducing your discomfort throughout the night. This is especially beneficial for individuals with arthritis or joint pain, as it minimizes pressure points and improves blood circulation.
      • Support: The mattress offers excellent support for back, stomach, and side sleepers. The top layer of foam contours to your body, providing enough softness to feel comfortable, while the bottom layers offer firmness that is great for support.
      • Easy Setup: Unlike some other mattresses that require a box spring or foundation, the Casper Select Mattress can be placed on any flat and sturdy surface. This makes the setup process quick and easy, and you can start using your new mattress right away.
      • Minimal Motion Transfer: The multiple foam layers in the Casper Select Mattress help reduce motion transfer, preventing disturbances by your sleeping partner’s movement. This is excellent news for light sleepers who get woken up easily by slight movements.
      • 100-Night Sleep Trial: Casper offers a 100-night sleep trial, allowing you to test the mattress at home before you commit. If you are not satisfied with the product after 100 nights, they will refund your purchase price and arrange for the mattress’s removal, making it a risk-free investment.
    • Cons:
      • Off-gassing: When you take your mattress out of the box, it may emit a chemical smell that can be quite strong, and it may take a few days for it to dissipate completely. This is a common issue with almost all foam mattresses, including the Casper Select Mattress.
      • Not Firm Enough: Some sleepers may find the mattress too soft or plush for their taste, particularly if they require a firmer sleeping surface to support their body.
      • Mattress Thickness: The Casper Select Mattress may not be suitable for individuals who prefer thicker mattresses as it is only ten inches thick. However, this comes down to personal preference.
      • Not Ideal for Heavier Sleepers: The foam layers in the Casper Select Mattress may not provide enough support for some sleepers who are overweight, as the mattress may begin to sag and lose its shape.
      • Pricey: Compared to other foam mattresses in the market, the Casper Select Mattress is relatively expensive. However, it is still an excellent investment if you are looking for a quality, comfortable sleep experience.

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