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Mattress Firmness Adjustment Options

Mattress Firmness Woes? Here are 7 Easy Fixes to Try

Mattress Firmness Woes? Here are 7 Easy Fixes to Try


Getting optimal sleep quality is crucial for overall physical and mental health. However, one common problem that can interfere with a good night’s sleep is a mattress that’s too firm or too soft. It’s recommended to choose one that matches your sleeping preference and body type. But what should you do if you have already bought a mattress that’s not suitable? Don’t despair. Here are 7 easy fixes you can try to adjust your mattress firmness and achieve a more comfortable and restful sleep.

Method 1: Use a Mattress Topper

The easiest and most affordable way to adjust the firmness level of your mattress is to add a mattress topper. A topper is a thin comfort layer that sits on top of your mattress and can either soften or firm up your sleeping surface. You can find toppers made of different materials such as memory foam, latex, down, or wool. Consider the following factors when choosing a topper:

– Material: pick one that suits your preference and needs.
– Thickness: the thicker the topper, the greater the impact on the firmness level.
– Density: a higher-density topper provides better support and durability.
– Size: choose a topper that fits your mattress and bed frame.

Method 2: Adjust the Bed Foundation

Another way to alter your mattress firmness ( The Surprising Link Between Mattress Firmness and Bedroom Satisfaction for Couples ) is to adjust the bed foundation. The type of support system you use can affect the feel of your mattress. Here are some tips:

– Box spring: if you have a coil or hybrid mattress ( Why Hybrid Mattresses are Taking the Sleep Industry by Storm ) on a box spring, try placing a solid piece of plywood between the two to make it feel firmer.
– Platform bed: a platform bed with solid slats will provide better support and prevent sagging than one with widely spaced slats. You can also add a bunkie board to increase firmness.
– Adjustable bed base: a motorized bed base allows you to change the position and angle of your head or feet, which can affect the firmness level. Raise the head and foot sections to make your mattress feel firmer or flatter to make it softer.

Method 3: Change Your Sleep Position

Your sleeping position ( Unlock the Perfect Sleep with These Recommended Sleeping Positions ) can also influence how firm or soft your mattress feels. Generally, back sleepers need a medium-firm mattress, side sleepers benefit from a softer surface, and stomach sleepers do better on a firmer one. Try adjusting your position or using pillows to make your mattress feel more comfortable. For example, if you’re a side sleeper, you can place a pillow between your knees to align your hips and spine.

Method 4: Use an Adjustable Mattress

An adjustable mattress ( The Ultimate Guide to Revolutionize Your Sleeping Experience with an Adjustable Mattress ) is a type that lets you customize the firmness level according to your liking. It features air chambers that you can inflate or deflate with a remote control. You can adjust the firmness on both sides of the bed separately if you share it with someone. However, adjustable mattresses are usually more expensive than conventional ones.

Method 5: Replace Your Mattress

If your mattress is too old, worn, or damaged, no amount of adjustment will make it feel comfortable again. In that case, it’s time to replace it. The lifespan of a mattress varies depending on the type and quality, but most last between 5 and 10 years. When buying a new one, consider the following factors:

– Material: choose one that suits your preference and needs.
– Firmness: pick a level that matches your sleeping position and body type.
– Budget: set a realistic budget that accounts for the quality and features you want.
– Brand and warranty: research the brand reputation and warranty terms to ensure you get a reliable and durable product.

Method 6: Try DIY Hacks

If you’re on a tight budget or don’t want to invest in new products, you can try some DIY hacks to adjust your mattress firmness. Here are some ideas:

– Add or remove layers: if you have a mattress with a zippered cover or removable layers, you can try adding or removing them to alter the feel.
– Flip the mattress: some mattresses are designed to be used on both sides, and flipping them can make a difference in firmness.
– Walk on the bed: this may sound odd, but walking on your mattress can help break in the foam or coils and make it softer.

Method 7: Consult a Professional

Finally, if none of the above methods work or you’re unsure how to adjust your mattress properly, consider consulting a professional. A mattress expert or sleep specialist can examine your sleeping habits, body type, and mattress condition and recommend the best course of action. They may advise you to try a different mattress type, use specific accessories, or adjust your sleep environment.


Having a mattress that’s too firm or too soft can cause discomfort, pain, and poor sleep quality. However, there are many ways to adjust your mattress firmness and make it more comfortable and supportive. You can try using a mattress topper, adjusting the bed foundation, changing your sleep position, using an adjustable mattress, replacing your mattress, trying DIY hacks, or consulting a professional. By finding the right firmness level, you can enjoy a restful and rejuvenating sleep every night.

FAQ: Mattress Firmness Adjustment Options

What are my options for adjusting mattress firmness?

There are a few different options for adjusting the firmness of your mattress:

How can a mattress topper help adjust firmness?

A mattress topper is a layer of padding that can be added to the top of the mattress to adjust the feel. Some toppers are designed specifically to make a firm mattress ( Unveiling the Hidden Secret behind Firm Mattresses and Perfect Spinal Alignment! ) softer, while others can make a soft mattress ( Sleep Better and Wake Up Refreshed with a Soft Mattress ) firmer. A topper can be made from materials like memory foam, latex, or down, each of which has its own feel and properties.

Can I adjust the air pressure in an air mattress?

Yes, most air mattresses come with a built-in pump that allows you to adjust the firmness by inflating or deflating the mattress to your desired level. Some higher-end air mattresses even come with separate controls for each side of the bed, so each person can have their own level of firmness.

How does a mattress pad or protector affect firmness?

A mattress pad or protector can add a layer of cushioning to the mattress, which can help make a firm mattress feel softer. However, this method is not as effective at adjusting the firmness as other options, as it only adds a small amount of padding.

Can flipping or rotating a mattress help adjust firmness?

Yes, flipping or rotating a mattress can help adjust the firmness by changing the way your body weight is distributed on the mattress. If one side of the mattress is firmer than the other, flipping it can help create a more even feel. Similarly, rotating the mattress can help distribute wear evenly, preventing certain areas from becoming too soft or too firm.

What are adjustable slats or a foundation?

An adjustable slat or foundation is a base for your mattress that allows you to adjust the level of support or firmness. Some models can be raised or lowered at the head or foot of the bed, while others can be adjusted to provide more or less support in certain areas of the mattress. This option can be particularly helpful for couples who have different firmness preferences.

Can I combine multiple methods to adjust mattress firmness?

Yes, you can combine different methods to achieve your desired level of firmness. For example, you could add a mattress topper and use an adjustable foundation to create a customized sleep surface.

Are there any downsides to adjusting mattress firmness?

While adjusting mattress firmness can be helpful, it is important to note that some methods may impact the durability or longevity of your mattress. For example, using a mattress topper or rotating the mattress too frequently can cause uneven wear, which may lead to permanent indentations or sagging. It is also worth noting that some methods, such as flipping a pillowtop mattress, may not be possible depending on the design of your mattress.

Related Products: Mattress Firmness Adjustment Options

  • Mattress Toppers – These are pads that can be placed on top of your existing mattress to adjust its firmness. They come in various materials, such as memory foam, latex, or down. Topper thickness and density will determine how much firmness can be added or reduced. Some recommended options on Amazon include:
    • Lucid 3-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper – This topper is made of ventilated gel memory foam and is designed to relieve pressure points and help align your spine, while also providing a soft and comfortable sleeping surface. Available in various sizes.
    • PlushBeds Natural Latex Topper – Made of natural latex, this topper is hypoallergenic ( The Secret to a Great Night’s Sleep? Antimicrobial and Hypoallergenic Mattresses! ) and provides a firmer sleeping surface while still being supportive. Available in different firmness options and sizes.
    • Sleep Innovations Dual Layer Mattress Topper – This topper features two layers – one memory foam and one fiberfill – which can be flipped to adjust firmness. It also has a removable and machine-washable cover for easy maintenance.
  • Adjustable Bed Bases – These are bed frames that can be adjusted to raise or lower different sections of the bed, thereby changing the angle of the mattress and its firmness. They often come with additional features like massage, USB ports, and under-bed storage. Some recommended options on Amazon include:
    • Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Upholstered Bed Base – This bed base has a wireless remote control that can adjust the head and foot sections of the bed independently, as well as a massage function and a USB charging port. It can fit most standard bed frames and mattresses.
    • Reverie 5D Adjustable Bed Base – This high-end bed base can adjust the head and foot sections, as well as the lumbar area, with a Bluetooth-enabled remote control. It also has built-in massage and under-bed lighting, as well as compatibility with smart home devices.
    • PragmaBed Pragmatic Adjustable Bed Frame – This affordable ( Sleep like royalty without breaking the bank ) bed frame can adjust the head and foot sections of the bed with a manual crank, and can lay flat for storage or transportation. It can fit most mattresses and does not require a box spring.
  • Manual Mattress Pumps – These are hand-operated devices that can inflate or deflate the mattress to adjust its firmness. They are usually small and portable, and can be used for camping or travel as well. Some recommended options on Amazon include:
    • Intex Double Quick III S Hand Pump – This pump can inflate or deflate air mattresses, pool toys, and other inflatables quickly and easily. It comes with three different nozzle sizes, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.
    • Coleman QuickPump Hand Pump – This pump can inflate or deflate air mattresses and other inflatables with its dual-action design, which pumps on both the up and down strokes. It comes with a Boston valve adapter and a pinch valve adapter.
    • ZENY Double Action Hand Pump – This pump has a durable aluminum alloy body and can inflate or deflate various types of inflatables, including air mattresses, yoga balls, and pool floats. It comes with three different nozzle sizes and can be used both manually and with a foot pedal.

Pros&Cons of Mattress Firmness Adjustment Options


  • Relief from Body Pain: Adjustable mattresses allow you to customize the firmness level according to your body’s needs. This feature can help alleviate pain and reduce pressure points.
  • Good for Couples: Couples with varying preferences can adjust the firmness on their side of the bed according to their liking without having to compromise on the quality of sleep.
  • Durability: Since adjustable mattresses are made of high-quality materials and can be customized, they are more durable and last longer.
  • Improved Sleep Quality: With an adjustable mattress, you can create the perfect sleeping surface that supports your body in the right way, promotes good posture, and helps you fall asleep faster.
  • Cons:

  • Higher Cost: Adjustable mattresses are more expensive than traditional mattresses, which can make them less accessible for some consumers.
  • Requires Power Source: The adjustable feature of the bed requires a power source to function. This factor may pose an issue in case of a power outage.
  • Too Much Customization: An adjustable mattress offers a lot of customization options, which may be overwhelming and confusing for some individuals.
  • Heavy Weight: Adjustable mattresses are significantly heavier than traditional mattresses. This aspect can make it difficult for some people to move the mattress when needed.
  • Noisy: Due to the bed’s mechanical components, adjustable mattresses can produce some amount of noise when adjusted, which can be a disturbance to some individuals.

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